The Whispers Within, Debut Summer Novel

Will Whispers Be Enough?

A Young Adult novel about second chances for both the living and the dead.

Cleland’s debut features two main characters: Candace and Mari. Both are teenage girls stuck in atrocious family
situations. Their biggest difference?  One of them is no longer living. Through supernatural intervention, these girls—who ordinarily never would have met—form a bond. Two strong female characters enhance this flawed but worthy Young Adult novel about surviving abuse!
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Nilsa L. Cleland’s New Debut Novel
                      "The Whispers Within"

Tis the Season: December brings us Christmas. A beautiful season of love and peace.
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Nilsa Cleland’s New Book Highlights Actual Crises Teenagers Face Today 

 “The Whispers Within” reveals the necessary tools in the form of virtues to surpass
life’s seemingly impossible trials

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – (Available Now) – In an effort to beat the gongs louder for the fight against domestic violence and sexual assault, Nilsa L. Cleland pens a striking novel that gyrates in society’s modern-day problems warranting prompt attention and resolution. Titled The Whispers Within, this book relates an inspiring journey of hope and survival of a teenager and her spiritual guide as they ward off the elements that make the former’s life a
raging inferno.  

Stained by domestic violence and sexual assault, life in the unforgiving streets of New York for Mari Santiago is one far from ideal. She is left with no choice but to hide behind the shadows of fear and desperation, holding on to that one day when she would be brave enough to stand for herself. Help was what she prayed and needed. Her prayers did not end up in vain.

In another dimension, Candace Spencer, an innocent teenager who lived and took her own life back in the 1950s, has no idea how long it has been since she has been away. Time in the spiritual realm, as a matter of fact, is way different in the mortal world. Even so, she must return to the world of the living to hopefully gain her wings should she succeed in her mission as a spiritual guide. Her first task at hand: To free the despairing and vulnerable city girl, Mari, from what troubles and harms her.

How can Candace pull off the task of returning to earth as a spirit when she did not even deal with her own nemesis while she was still alive? Will Mari escape in time before the demons that surround her consume her? Better yet, will Candace’s whispers—her only means to help—be enough?

Readers can follow The Whispers Within, an eminent beyond comparison fictional story that reveals real-life issues confronted by teens all over the world today.

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